On January 18, 2023, Crabbe, Brown & James’ Managing Partner, Larry H. James, celebrated the launch of Adelphi Bank as one of its founders and directors. The initial opening will occur on February, 25, 2023. Run by many of Columbus’ African American civil leaders, Adelphi Bank is the first Black-owned depository institution based in Ohio. The bank is located in the King-Lincoln/Bronzeville neighborhood and is named after Adelphi Loan & Savings Co., the first Black-owned bank in Columbus which opened in the 1920s.

With a commitment to simplifying the complex world of finance, Adelphi Bank’s mission is to remove barriers to financial equity and ​to build meaningful wealth for seamless and straightforward banking without inherent bias. To learn more about Crabbe, Brown & James’ commitment to the Columbus community, visit https://cbjlawyers.com/about-us/.